2018 Agri-Spread BackFill Conveyor AS150


The Agrispread AS150 Backfill Conveyor provides the civil, mining or renewable energy sectors with an advanced and precise solution for backfilling a wide variety of aggregates and thermal sands. The 15 cubic metre capacity AS150 significantly improves productivity in a backfilling environment by providing placement accuracy, irrespective of the forward speed, product density or fill rate. A reversible belt drive conveyor system delivers aggregate from the left or right side of the machine and hydraulically extends to ensure accurate drop point positioning. The flow rate and distribution of aggregate into the trench is controlled by conveyor belt speed and delivery chute adjustment angle and aperture. Incremental conveyor positioning and belt speed changes are made on-the-go to fine-tune the backfilling process and aggregate placement in the trench.

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  • Cubic Capacity, (m3) 15
  • L x W x H (m) 7.70 x 3.45 x 3.04
  • Bin L x W (m) 4.6 x 2.25
  • Load Height (m) 2.94
  • Tyre Size 600/55 26.5
  • Track Width (m) 3
  • Dry Weight (kg) 6200


  • SAFETY Emergency kill switches, safety guards, cameras, safety decaling and operators manual help to provide enhanced operator safety.
  • ISOBUS COMPATIBILITY Connects to any ISOBUS compatible tractor.
  • ACCURACY Auto rate control, with fine-tuning to suit aggregate density.
  • DYNAMIC LOAD CELL WEIGHING For the ultimate accuracy, compares actual vs target rate and varies the belt speed to compensate
  • DATA LOGGING AND RECORD KEEPING To verify the application and to provide supporting documentation Hydraulic floor belt drive. Provides for variablespeed and dynamic rate control.
  • VARIABLE SPEED HYDRAULIC CONVEYOR DRIVE For flow rate and distribution control.
  • DELIVERY CHUTE ADJUSTMENT Ensures accurate and uniform placement of aggregate in the trench.
  • VARIABLE RATE CONTROL To fine tune backfill rate.
  • CHAINS Maintains a uniform flow of aggregate onto the conveyor.
  • DRAWBAR SUSPENSION Dampens shock energy transfer between tractor and the Agri-Spread AS150.
  • ADJUSTABLE DRAWBAR To level the bin.
  • ROLL TARP Keeps the hopper clean and dry.
  • HOPPER MESH Keeps rocks too big to be discharged out of the hopper.
  • HEAVY DUTY BUILT TO LAST Stainless steel bottom third of the bin, the entire back end as well as all nuts, bolts, belt rollers, rear discharge & hydraulic fittings.
  • FLOTATION TIRES Provides a better ride and reduces compaction.
  • BRAKES, TAIL LIGHTS Stopping power when needed, stay in control of heavy loads and safety on roads Mudguards. Keeps the Agri-Spread clean.
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