2018 Elmer’s Transfer Tracks 30″ or 36″

2018 Elmer’s 36” or 30″ Transfer Tracks.

  • Fits most 10 Bolt hubs
  • Excellent Condition – POA
  • Location WA

Elmers Transfer Track allows you to easily adapt your existing equipment to increase flotation and reduce compaction. Put them on your Air Seeder or Liquid Fertiliser Cart fro seeding and your Grain Cart at Harvest! Reducing compaction and resistance can lead to a better seed bed, yields and fuel savings. Compared to 900/60R32 Hi Flotation Wheels, Elmer’s Transfer Tracks offer 3 times more flotation, reducing compaction problems. With Hydraulic Tensioning to maintain alignment and Pivoting Mid Rollers to help distribute weight on uneven terrain the Transfer Track will give you the smoothest ride. Use it on your air cart , chaser bin, trailing spreader and sprayer . The Transfer Track can be transferred in 30 minutes with basic tools and a fork lift.

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