AgriSpread AS2120 Spreader

The Agri-Spread AS2000 series, now in its third year, is continuing to transform farming operations around Australia. Some of the exclusive features of the AS2000 series include the Positive Drive Conveyor System, which eliminates belt slippage, and the Sectional Control factory option to minimise overlap. Find out more about these features below.

Positive Drive Conveyor System

With the Positive Drive conveyor system, the underside of the spreader conveyor floor belt is teeth moulded and runs over a matching cage roller drive system. The patented design provides maximum synchronised power transmission to the belt to ensure low noise, no slippage and precise application control.

Agri-Spread is the first spreader manufacturer in the world to adopt this concept with the tooth belt design additionally eliminating belt stretching so it requires minimal tensioning and lower maintenance.

Sectional Control Option

The Agri-Spread Sectional Control spreaders, available as factory option only, use two hydraulically controlled conveyors, in conjunction with GPS map data, to feed material onto independently controlled hydraulic spinners to give the most precise distribution of product where required.

The twin conveyor system gives the spreader the ability to change the spreading rate on either side of the machine in relation to the width and rate required, or completely shut off one side of the spreader with the touch of a button.  Boundary and headland spreading is also a one-touch operation.

Section Control can be set for 14 section swath widths and is compatible with fertiliser and lime. Most importantly, users can expect to see up to 5-15 percent reduction in their fertiliser requirements.


What Our Customer's Say About Sectional Control

“Its sectional control has been fantastic for our business. Being able to accurately apply fertiliser on to the right part of the paddock is imperative to save money and make sure it has been spent in the right areas.”
James Heggaton Testimonial
James Heggaton
Farmer, Kojonup WA, AS2150T-SC
“No paddocks are ever perfectly square, and the spreader caters for product loss on headlands and general overlap, it is incredibly accurate.”
Peter Schirmer
Farmer, Freeling SA, AS2120-SC