Precision Seeding Equipment

As one of the leaders in the design, manufacturing and global distribution of agricultural implements, Equalizer produces quality precision seeding equipment.


Equalizer was founded in South Africa by a farmer in 2000. Over the past 20 years they have produced world class seeding machines, specialising in larger and wider equipment. They have in excess of 60 dealers across Africa, Australia, Canada and the Ukraine.

Their production facility includes 12 research and development engineers and 150 trained staff members. The state of the art production line and process allows for container shipments to be packed efficiently, with the production plant covering 9300 square meters. The plant has the capacity to produce 1 machine a day!



  • The 6150 Litre On-Frame Tanks – Attractive to the smaller farms or farmers with smaller paddocks. This unit is very easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Three tank split of 2250 ; 1650 ; 2250
  • Self-cleaning roller design in a stainless-steel housing – This one roller does all crops from Canola to Faba beans by just altering the speed. When running fertilizer it has no horizontal slots that can fill with build-up therefore the rate goes out correct.
  • Liquid, Seed and Fertiliser Placement and boot options. Single or paired row seed boots.
  • Liquid placement behind tine and on top of the seed. The deeper placement works well for UAN and the behind the seed placement is good for liquid based inoculant or trace elements and Wetters.
  • Press wheel and point options for different soil types.
  • Semi-independent break away on tines. The tine can trip without changing the seed depth or the press wheel downforce.


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