Air Carts Tow-Behind | Tow-Between


Lid & Platform System

  • Lids are robust to maintain a good seal
  • Lid opening comes with a mesh screen and an internal access or escape ladder
  • Railings can be removed to reduce the machine height for storage and transport
  • Large drop-down staircase-like ladder with wide steps and handrails
  • Gas cylinder assistance ensures ease of operation
  • Very sturdy platform with glass fibre mesh floors to avoid slipping


Standard Meterbox

  • Stainless Steel
  • Accurate, versatile and simple
  • One metering roller for all seed types and sizes
  • Self-cleaning poly meter roller
  • Hydraulic variable drive
  • Effortless calibration and fast low and high range gear setting


Optional Dual Shoot Meterbox

  • Mix any bins contents into any of the primary distribution lines
  • Single element fertilizers can be mixed into distribution system
  • Mix fertilizer into the seed lines as a percentage of total kilograms distributed through that primary line


Optional Features
  • Digi-Star Scales with ISOBUS
  • Top Con X35 with Xtend feature
  • 4 overview cameras and a 7″ quad monitor
  • Elmers Transfer Tracks
  • 2nd fan for double shoot distribution
  • Heavy duty 3-point hitch linkage
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