The early beginnings Highline Manufacturing took shape on a family farm near Saskatchewan, Canada. It was in the early 1960’s that the concept of making a rugged and durable rock picker took shape on the Bussiere farm just east of Vonda, CA. Based on the rock picker concept, Highline Manufacturing was originally called Rock-O-Matic Industries. In 1963 Rock-O-Matic held an official grand opening and promoted the new rock pickers to farmers in the surrounding communities. In 1988, Raymond Bussiere purchased the assets of Rock-O-Matic and changed the name to Highline Manufacturing Inc. Then in 1993, a new product called the Bale-Master was developed. This new product would revolutionize the round bale feeding industry.

Highline takes pride in the fact that it listens to the needs of its customers and guarantees “Customer Driven Quality”. Highline is committed to providing the right equipment and processes to allow its team members to work safely and efficiently to meet the needs of the customers.

From the early days of Rock-O-matic through to today, product development has been the key to their success. The Research and Development group is constantly designing new equipment with unique features that address the needs of customers, providing value for their investment.  The product line-up currently includes bale processors, bale movers, rock pickers, and ditch mowers.  Within the last two years Highline has released new products for each of these lines, including the CFR1251 dual bale processor, the BM605 and BM607 five and seven bale movers, the NT 44, 60, and 78 rock pickers, and the RCH™ Hydro hydraulic drive mower.

Highline Rock Picker   

For over 60 years, the Highline Rock Picker has proven itself as a machine that delivers year in, year out. Designed with few moving parts, as well as extremely durable components, the Highline Rock Picker remains rock solid. Models include the NT 78 and NT 60.

Highline Bale Handler

Highline’s line of large square bale stackers, including the FaStack 1800 and FaStack 1200 are easy to operate machines which have industry exclusive features that result in more bales picked in less time.

Highline Bale Movers

Highline’s line of bale movers, including the BM1400, BM607 and BM605, offer ease of use and convenient features to load and transport your round bales.

Highline Bale Pro – Precision Feeders

The Bale Pro series from Highline allows you to efficiently process round and square bales. With 5 options to choose from there’s one that is the best fit for your cattle operation. The CFR (Complete Feed Ration) modular system allows you to expand your Bale Pro as your operation evolves. Models include the CFR 1251, CFR 960, CFR 650. CFR 651, and the CFR 650 Top Gun.

Highline Hydro Mower

The RCH Hydro Mower reduces maintenance requirements resulting in minimal downtime. Hydraulic relief valves replace clutches that are prone to seizing, while protecting the blades and pans from shock loads. Models include the RCH Hydro 15 and the RCH Hydro 10.

Highline Brochures

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