Waringa Distribution Update: May 2022

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What's Happening at Waringa?

Seeding 2022 is Here!

Most of our customers are well underway in their seeding programs & we are continuing to receive positive feedback on our Equalizer tine seeder & air cart products. 

Having secured early build slots for our seeding equipment, we were able to avoid delivery delays for the season, with stock arriving & assembled in our Horsham Workshop during March-April. 

Our newest Equalizer dealer, Cummins Ag Services, also successfully completed the assembly of 2 tine seeder bars which were put straight to work in the Lower Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. 

Our dealers still have LIMITED STOCK of tine seeders available nation-wide, with the exception of WA.

Our Product Support Team also visited our Equalizer customer in Rankin Springs NSW. Running for a 2nd season, the setup includes the 24m tine seeder coupled with the newly released 22,000L Tow-Between Air Cart. Check out the video of the assembly in action!

The Equalizer Air Cart is also fitted with Elmer’s Manufacturing Transfer Tracks to increase floatation & reduce soil compaction. Find out more about adapting your equipment with Transfer Tracks here.  

Highline Manufacturing's Australian Road Trip

We’ve had a lot of start-ups for our popular Highline Manufacturing Rock Pickers during the past couple of months, and we were fortunate enough to have Cam Wilson & Claude Rouault from Highline Manufacturing join us on a road trip around Australia visiting our customers & dealers in April.

We had the pleasure of setting up a new NT78 Rock Picker with Cam & Claude for our customer Peter Johnston from Boyup Brook, WA, alongside our dealer McIntosh & Son. We also travelled to Albany WA to discuss the new RR4300 Rock Rake, released last year.

Cam & Claude gathered valuable insights on Highline’s performance in Australian conditions. This feedback is key to product development, to ensure that the Highline product range continues to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Pictured (L-R): Mike Christey (Waringa), Cam Wilson, Peter Johnston, Ed Bride (McIntosh & Son) & Claude Rouault (Highline).

Agri-Spread AS2000 Series, Now in its 4th Year!

We’ve had a lot of Agri-Spread deliveries this season & many happy customers!

The AS2000 series precision spreaders, released in 2018, are continuing to transform farming operations year after year with the Sectional Control factory option a key feature for many customers.

Andrew Caldwell at Felton Pastoral Farms recently took ownership of a new Agri-Spread AS2150T-SC spreader this season, “I’ve found the spreader to be very good accuracy wise to achieve an accurate and even spread of product, and I would absolutely recommend the Sectional Control feature!”  You can read his full testimonial here.

Thank you to all our recent customers for your ongoing support of the Agri-Spread product range!

New Dealer for Highline Manufacturing in NSW

We are excited to have Intersales come onboard as a new Highline Manufacturing Dealer in NSW!

With 4 branches in NSW, strategically located in the South-West region & already a trusted Waringa Agri-Spread and Elmer’s dealer, we are looking forward to assisting them with ongoing product & support requirements for their local customers.

“Having Intersales take onboard the Highline Manufacturing brand, is a win for Waringa, the Dealership Group, and most importantly, customers in NSW.”
Sam Abbott, General Manager at Waringa Distribution

Read the full press release here.

New Dealer Highline

Waringa Distribution Update: February 2022

Equalizer Waringa Distribution Update

What's Happening at Waringa?

Equalizer Seeders Have Arrived!

Our Equalizer Tine Seeders have arrived and are being unloaded and assembled at our Horsham Workshop. With the seeding season fast approaching we still have LIMITED STOCK of Tine Seeders available for immediate delivery nation-wide, with the exception of WA.

The seeders are tested and proven in Australia’s tough sowing conditions. You can check out our most recent Equalizer 12000V testimonial here or find out more about why you should choose an Equalizer seeder this season here.

We are also excited to announce Cummins Ag Services as a new dealer for Equalizer in the Cummins and Lower Eyre Peninsula districts in South Australia, you can read the full press release here.  

Cummins Ag Services have a great deal of experience with precision agricultural equipment, and we are looking forward to working closely with them.

Haulmaster Chaser Bins

It’s even easier to secure your Haulmaster for 2022! We are pleased to have the Ramsey Bros, O’Connors & Intersales dealership groups come onboard as Elmer’s Manufacturing Dealers, read more here.  We already work closely with these dealerships with our Agri-Spread range, and we are looking forward to having our trusted dealers assist local customers with the Elmer’s brand in the Eastern States.

We also still have limited stock of the highly sought-after 55T fixed track Haulmaster chaser bin available. Visit your local dealer and get in quick to secure your chaser bin for 2022 Harvest! Find your local dealer here.

It's Rock Picking Season!

We received a shipload of Highline Rock Pickers at the beginning of the year, and the Workshop Team has done an amazing job assembling these units for the upcoming season. We still have limited stock available, assembled, and ready for delivery.

We also have the Highline Rock Rakes available. The Rock Rake is the perfect partner to the NT Rock Picker as rocks can be raked into rows prior to picking, find out more here.


Check out some awesome footage of the Agri-Spread 2220T spreading lime in the Northern Agricultural region of Western Australia. The optional hydraulic windbooms allows for the spreading low density product with greater accuracy.

The windbooms work by forcing incoming air over the curtain to create a wake of low pressure stalled air behind. The applied product fills the wake and is forced to the ground by high pressure air flowing over the curtain.

We’ve had a lot of deliveries and happy customers over the past couple of months and they are extremely impressed with the accuracy and ease of lime spreading. Visit your local dealer to secure your Agri-Spread precision spreader.

Careers at Waringa Distribution

Do you know someone looking for a job with variety in an awesome team environment with on the job training (no prior experience necessary)? 

We’re always on the look out for enthusiastic & motivated individuals to join our team. We currently have multiple positions available in our Welshpool and Horsham Workshops to support us in assembling our agricultural machinery.

Visit our Careers Page for more information and check out the video!

Waringa Distribution Update: December 2021

Waringa Christmas Logo

'Tis the Season for Chaser Bins

The Workshop Team has done an amazing job over the past couple of months assembling Elmer’s Haulmaster Chaser Bins for the season.

It has been an extremely challenging time with a lot of roadblocks slowing the assembly process down with shipping delays, congestions, and port strikes! However, we managed to get all the chaser bins out by the first week of December.

<<< Check out the video compilation of some of our WA deliveries!

The team also completed the assembly of the first 63T fixed track model to arrive in Australia, which is available to order for 2022 harvest.

The 63T model is HUGE with a 13% increased load capacity and is the largest chaser bin available in the Elmer’s Haulmaster range.

Find out more about the 63T here.

We were also excited to announce McIntosh & Son as the exclusive dealer for Elmer’s Manufacturing Haulmaster Chaser Bins in Western Australia (Read Full Press Release here).

By stepping back from the retail space and allowing McIntosh & Son to take the reins of parts, sales, and field support for the chaser bins in WA, Waringa can continue to focus on adapting and developing our product range to suit the needs of our customers, whilst continuing to service and support our dealer network.

McIntosh & Waringa Team Photo

Workshop Update

With 2021 Harvest close to completion in WA and other states well under way, Agri-Spread deliveries are now rolling in and the workshop is busy preparing the units for the upcoming season. 

Shipping is again proving challenging, but we are seeing a steady flow of containers arriving.

Equalizer Seeding Equipment

Equalizer Seeding equipment has also begun arriving at our Horsham location.

We were fortunate enough to secure early build slots for our seeding equipment which has avoided delays in delivery for the coming season. We still have limited stock of Equalizer tine seeders, disc seeders and air carts available now for our customers across Australia, with the exception of WA. Find out more about Equalizer’s Products here

Highline Rock Removal Equipment

Highline Rock Pickers and Rakes are rolling into port and we are starting to assemble and deliver these for the upcoming season.

Sales have been strong and we would encourage you to contact your nearest dealer if you are thinking about an easy way to pick rocks this season!

Product Demo - Geringhoff Update

During harvest we have had the opportunity to trial our new Geringhoff Razor Air flex draper header fronts at Waringa Farming. As with all our distributed products, we are continuing to thoroughly test the fronts to be certain that they meet expectations and perform well in Australia’s unique environment.

We are working closely with Geringhoff to further develop and adapt the fronts to meet our unique cropping conditions. Whilst the fronts performed quite well this harvest and we are excited for the potential of the product, we believe some minor modifications will make a world of difference to their performance.

We plan to conduct more testing during 2022 harvest to ensure that the draper fronts exceed our expectations before we look to distribute them nationally for 2023. Watch this space, we are very excited!

Holiday Trading

Waringa Happy Holidays 2021

We would like to thank all our customers, dealers and manufacturers for your continued support, and wish you and your families a happy, safe and enjoyable holiday break.

Our office will be closed from Thursday 23rd December, and we will be back on Tuesday 4th January 2022. Our team will continue to be available on phone for urgent enquiries.

See you in the new year!

Manufacturer Focus: Equalizer

Equalizer First Tine Seeder

Equalizer was founded on a farm on the Western Cape of South Africa in 2000. For over 20 years they have produced world class seeding machines, specialising in larger broadacre equipment. Waringa proudly distributes Equalizer’s seeder range across Australia (excl. WA), which includes Min-Till Tine Seeders, No-Till Disc Seeders and Tow-Behind/Between Air Carts.

Equalizer has an interesting history which has roots right here in Australia. Find out more below!

The History of Equalizer

Equalizer had a humble start on a farm close to the West Coast in the Western Cape of South Africa. Gideon Schreuder was one of three brothers on the family farm, and he identified areas of their farming business that needed some upgraded equipment to be more productive and efficient.

Equalizer Grain Cleaner
1998: Equalizer Sqreen
In 1998, Gideon manufactured the first piece of equipment on the farm, a grain cleaner to remove the unwanted material from the wheat they grew to ensure they could deliver clean grain. The Equalizer Sqreen was the first product to carry the Equalizer name.
Equalizer Grain Cleaner
Equalizer First Tine Seeder
2000: 1st Tine Seeder
A couple of years later, Gideon and the family saw the need to improve their seeding process. Having seen what Australian farmers were doing with air seeders and how successful they were in establishing crops with a single pass in the paddock, Gideon set out to build his own tine seeder for the farm. In 2000, the first Equalizer seeder placed seed in the ground on the family farm. This was also the year the Equalizer company was officially founded.
Equalizer First Tine Seeder
Equalizer Tine Seeder 2001
2001: Seeder Orders Commence
In 2001, following the success of the first seeder, 4 more seeders were ordered by neighbouring farms. The company soon after moved out of the farm workshop to Brackenfell in Cape Town where Equalizer continued to improve the tine seeders and grew to become No.1 in South Africa. The company continued to improve and adapt the tine seeder for the field conditions in South Africa.
Equalizer Tine Seeder 2001
Equalizer Crop Row Planter
2008: Crop Row Planters
With South African farming being mostly row crops like corn, soybean and sunflower Equalizer started developing a row crop planter in 2008. Using the knowledge gathered by building Min-Till tine seeders for the small grain market, Equalizer developed a single pass planter that did the cultivation, fertiliser and seed placement all in one pass. This was common practice for small grains, but a newer concept for the row crop farmers. The Equalizer row crop planters became the market leader in planter sales in South Africa in 2014, just 6 years after the very first concepts were tested.
Equalizer Crop Row Planter
2013: Equipment in Australia
In 2013 an opportunity arose to send some equipment to Australia for the first time. Again, there was a lot to learn and adapt to and was the beginning of a new chapter for Equalizer. This was somewhat of a magical moment, where Equalizer could go to the country where the first idea and knowledge came from and show what we could do.

Equalizer Today

Equalizer now have in excess of 60 dealers across Africa, Australia, Canada and Eastern Europe. The Equalizer production facility is still based in Brackenfell Cape Town, and currently occupies over 1 hectare.

Equalizer’s entire build process from raw steel through to their final product, takes place on a single state-of-the-art production line. Their team includes 160 personnel with the facility producing on average one machine per day.

Equalizer is a fast growing, young company, and we strive to keep learning and improving our products. We are purely focused on seeding and planting and aiming to be the best at these practices.

Distribution Update: October 2021

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It has been quite busy at our workshops in Welshpool and Horsham the past couple of months.

Harvest has now started, and we are finalising the delivery of our Elmer’s Haulmaster Chaser Bins around the country. Some are already up and running in Northern WA region.

Agri-Spread deliveries have also been steady across all states, with dealers getting the units assembled and PD’d ready for the upcoming season.

Equalizer Seeding equipment has started arriving at our SA and eastern states dealers, and we have managed to get some stock in early to try and minimise delays early next year.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing numerous challenges with shipping across the country, and this seems to be affecting all imports, putting a lot of strain on the industry. We urge our customers to plan for next season’s equipment orders as early as possible.


We have 3 Highline 1200 FaStack Bale Stackers out on demo. These are the first 3 units to come into Australia and the feedback to date has been excellent.

Video above: Highline FaStack 1200 demo in WA

Harvest has already begun in WA’s Northern Wheatbelt which has given us the opportunity to setup our new Geringhoff TruFlex Razor Air draper header fronts at Waringa Farming. We are trialing and testing 3 of these units this year to ensure they meet our expectations for distribution for 2022 harvest.

Early reports suggest these header fronts will exceed expectations so watch this space as we are pretty excited!

Video above: TruFlex Razor Air harvesting canola at Waringa Farming.


Photo left to right: Sam Abbott (General Manager), John Warr (Director), Chris Bates (CEO) & Simon Pfitzner (Workshop & Assembly Manager WA)

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Chris Bates, founder of successful management consulting company Checkside. Chris has a long-standing relationship with Waringa through his work with Checkside consulting. Along with his strong skillset, Chris is from a farming family and has worked closely with farmers and in the agricultural sector during his career.

Chris has extensive knowledge in coaching, leadership, and strategy, coupled with a strong sense of business acumen, and we are excited to have him onboard to help guide and support the Waringa business in its next stages of growth.

We also welcome Simon Pfitzner as our new Workshop and Assembly Manager for WA. Simon, who also has strong family ties to farming, brings fantastic experience in team training and development, and strong technical capabilities to Waringa.