CFR 1251

Highline takes precision ration delivery and flexibility to a higher level with the CFR 1251. This model represents the future utilizing dual chambers and independent settings allowing forage blending for optimal performance to achieve the highest economic benefit. Crop residues and hay are combined, chopped and mixed thoroughly with the grain portion to meet the animal’s requirements. Whether field or bunk feeding the CFR 1251 puts premium animal care in your hands.

Retractable front bale loading conveyor allows the bale to gently shift to the front.

CFR Capability Expand your 1251 Bale Pro by adding the Grain Tank with MGI.

Independent Rate Controls allow for blending of 2 forages at different rates

Hi-Flotation Tyres (21.5L X 16.1) ⭕ Cameras ⭕ Transport Lights ⭕ Heavy Duty Bale Transfer ⭕ Hydraulically Controlled Discharge Door


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