CFR 650 Top Gun

The Highline CFR 650 TOP GUN is a rugged, highly effective agricultural implement for bedding and feeding applications, as well as coverage solutions for construction. It provides uniform coverage as it throws material up to 80 feet (24.3 meters)*, or feeds by gently dropping a windrow from its side discharge. The unique, simple design and durable construction gives you what you have come to expect in a Highline product – dependable, easy operation with minimal maintenance and a long life.

Features Include:

Hi-Flotation Tyres – Each Bale Pro model is designed with appropriately sized hi-flotation tyres allowing for easy manoeuvrability through challenging terrain

Hydraulically Operated Deflector Door 

Central Flail Drum

Curved Bale Fork Design

Easy Maneuverer, High Discharge Spout – Allows you to distribute product to the right or the left of the machine

Removable Sections – To reduce turret height where overhead clearance is an issue (mono-slope or hoop barns)

Large, Durable Fan and Auger Assembly – With AR400 replicable blades


Optional Features Include:

Weight Scale – 3 point (1 hitch tongue, 2 axles) weigh system with in-cab display

Hydraulic Deflector Door – Hydraulically actuated side deflector for windrow feeding, for joystick equipped units or for 3 remote equipped units

End Curtain – Rubber belting added to ends of deflector door to help contain material flow

Rear Facing Work Lights – Additional lighting for night operation, with added illumination of processing chamber and behind unit

Top Gun Curved Discharge Chute and End Deflector – Alternate discharge chute . Chute is shorter and open bottom for use inside buildings


  1. Central Flail Drum – Built on the CFR 650 Bale Pro® design, the TOP GUN® also incorporates the central flail drum. The central flail drum is balanced for smooth, long lasting operation and the flails are evenly spaced to provide even material output.
  2. Far Reach Advantage – Easily and accurately position the discharge spout from the tractor cab for accurate placement of feed or bedding. With a wide range of motion (spout rotates 106 degrees left and 125 degrees right, as well as 25 degrees up and down), the discharge spout (84″ long, 11′ high nozzle) can be directed to throw material up to 80′ (24.3 m)*. NOTE: Right/Left hand is determined by sitting in the
    tractor seat looking forward.
  3. Massive, Durable Fan – Massive and durable 51″ diameter fan provides consistent material throw. (Replaceable blades and serviceable wear plates are available.)

OPTIONAL JOYSTICK CONTROL – The joystick control option is an easy to use single remote control for all functions including bale load, bale rotation and discharge spout control both horizontally and vertically. This option results in less operator fatigue with very little effort to perform all hydraulic functions of the machine.

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