CFR 960



The CFR 960 Bale Pro has a dual feed roller processing chamber with a centrally driven flail drum. Expand your 960 by adding a Feed Chopper and Grain Tank with MGI system.

Curved Tip Design – Highline forks are curved to help “grab” the bale.

Axle Twine Guard – The Axle Twine Guard eliminates the nuisance of twine getting tightly wrapped around the wheel axle.

Low Profile Fork Design – The low profile fork design allows you to easily get under square bales for loading.

Hi-Flotation Tyres – Each Bale Pro model is designed with appropriately sized hi-flotation tyres allowing for easy manoeuvrability through challenging terrain.

Central Flail Drum – The central flail drum is balanced for smooth, long lasting operation, and flails are evenly spaced to provide even material output.

Adjustable Forks – Accommodate a range of bale sizes with the Highline adjustable forks.

One of the challenges of processing square bales is maintaining both a high loading efficiency AND high processing efficiency (the competition fails to deliver on either one or the other). This is because whenever the orientation of the bale isn’t optimally placed for either loading (large face aligned with tractor) or processing (length aligned with flail drum), efficiency is compromised. For optimal processing, Highline addressed this issue by developing a system that turns the square bale so that it rests lengthwise in the tub (in alignment with the flail drum).

  1. The bale is orientated so that the length (the larger visible area) is the target for alignment making loading easier than aligning with the width.
  2. The bale is turned mid-lift.
  3. The bale is aligned with the flail drum for efficient processing
  4. The bale is lifted, the twine is sliced and the bale is dropped loosely into the tub (the loose consistency helps with uniform processing).

Competitors’ bale processors, where the bale is orientated width wise on the flail drum, can take upwards of 3 minutes to process. In comparison, the CFR 960 Bale Pro capable of processing a 4′ x 4′ x 8’6″ bale in 1 minute! The CleanCut twine release on the CFR 960 helps with this efficiency.*
*Bale processing times are contingent on bale type, aggression setting and tractor horsepower.

HOW IT WORKS: The hooked spear design stabs into the square bale slipping between the twine and the bale. As the bale is released into the tub, the sharp edge of the CleanCut Twine Release System slices through the twine releasing the bale. The unleashed bale is now loose in the tub. This loose material is well suited for uniform processing.

Unique to the CFR 960 Bale Pro is the CleanCut Twine Release System. The CleanCut Twine Release System uses the weight of the square bale to effectively slice the twine prior to processing.

Optional Features Include: 

960 bale processor in-cab flail drum aggression adjustment.

3 point (1 hitch tongue, 2 axles) weigh system with in-cab display.

Additional lighting for night operation, with added illumination of processing chamber and behind unit.

960 bale processor feed chopper kit

960 bale processor grain tank with metered grain insertion system kit.


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