Coby Pearce Testimonial Header
Coby Pearce Testimonial Header

Coby Pearce is the owner operator of Morco Farms located between Manangatang and Swan Hill, north-western Victoria. He has been farming in the region for over 10 years, with his wife Morgan, his children Jax and Daisy, and a few farm workers. Morco Farms is primarily a cropping enterprise of wheat, barley, and legumes, with some livestock and contract sowing over a total of 5,000 hectares.

Coby says that the past 2 seasons have been extremely dry, with the lowest rainfall on record, and this upcoming season also shaping up to be very dry with zero subsoil moisture. As a result, accuracy in seed placement was one of the key factors driving Coby’s decision for a new seeder.

We were looking for something better with seed placement and less maintenance. The Equalizer Tine Seeder is built very strong and has exceptional seed placement in our unrelenting sandy soils.

Coby Pearce
Coby Pearce Equalizer Machine

He also pointed out that he had previously managed a farm using Equalizer seeders and knew the product well.

I previously managed a farm where they were the first ones to use Equalizer seeders in Australia. I liked what I had seen and had a little bit to do with the future updates on the seeder that I now own.

The Equalizer Tine Seeder can be optioned in various configurations to suit specific soil needs to accurate and precise seed depth control. Morco Farm’s 12000V seeder uses Equalizer’s wide 150mm press wheel option which provides better floatation in sandy soils. Coby pointed out that this was a key standout feature for him.

The seeder also has the optional hydraulic coulter system which provides a better residue clearance.

The larger, wider press wheels are great, really helps with seed placement and floats better in the deep sand, therefore not burying the seed too deep. We also run the disc coulters which gives us excellent trash flow capabilities and allows us to inter- row sow better. The coulters also create less soil explosion therefore giving better soil throw for pre-emergent herbicides.

When asked if he would recommend the Equalizer Tine Seeder he replied:

We are very happy with the performance of our Equalizer seeder, it is built very strong! Waringa has been excellent in the delivery, assembly and back-up service of the machine.