Kim Fleay manages Erregulla Plains a cereal, lupin & canola cropping enterprise near Mingenew for S & C Smart.

In 2016 S & C Smart took delivery of three Haul Master 34T chaser bins to support their harvest program. Now two harvests on, this is what Kim has to say about them.

Initially our only concern was with the bolted design of the Haulmaster. Our previous chaser bins were fully welded constructions so naturally we were a little cautious, but we took a leap of faith in the bolted technology and we’ve been very happy with them.

The bins are strong and flexible, and we have not had any issues with the bolted panels.

One of the big reasons we went for the Haul Master was for the Elmers transfer track system. Tracks give us better flotation in the sand during harvest and then we transfer them to our air-seeder carts for seeding. They are versatile, easier to pull and we are reducing soil compaction, which is a major issue in our part of the world.

The Haul Master unloading system is a lot faster than what we had before so our turnaround times have been reduced. A few minutes in a good crop can make a lot of difference when we are trying to keep combines moving.

We like the load cells and Agrimatic grain weight and data management system. It detects how much grain we’ve harvested and wirelessly transmits the info to our mobiles so we know what’s going on. We use it to top off loads and record our total tonnage. We also use it to calibrate our yield monitors.

Another feature we like is the full length bin drop door system. One lever opens the entire door where before we had to undo individual doors. It doesn’t take long to clean-out between grains. You drop the door, give it a quick blow out and you are on your way again.

It is a pleasure to deal with Waringa as they are also farming and they understand what our and other farming businesses require. If there is ever any issues they get it sorted which is important to us.

Yes we definitely like the Haul Master and would be happy to recommend it.