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About Elmer's Manufacturing

Elmer’s Manufacturing  designs, develops and manufactures specialised agricultural equipment in the heart of the Manitoban Red River Valley. They started as a small farm business in 1978 and have continued to grow, building a diversified group of equipment lines for any size farming operation.


Owning and operating their own farm, Elmer’s understand what farmers need from a product and all equipment is tested to meet the high demands and expectations in the farming business. 

Waringa Distribution proudly distributes Elmer’s Haulmaster Chaser Bin range and Transfer Tracks. Like all products Waringa distributes, the Elmer’s Haulmaster and Transfer Tracks have been rigorously tested and utilised in our farming operation at Waringa Farming, and has continued to exceeded our expectations.

Find out more about Elmer’s Manufacturing in the video below.

The Elmer's Range Proudly Distributed by Waringa

What Our Customers Say

“The whole machine works off this joystick, it makes the job much easier. Quick unloading, quick turnarounds, stable platform and surprisingly accurate. The scale feature has been one of the most positive features of the bin, they are so accurate and gives up to date yield information. You know exactly what you are doing all the time."
Testimonial David Brown
David Brown
“The Haulmaster’s inbuilt scales make it easier to load the truck consistently, plus the unloading auger empties the full capacity (30T) near on 2 minutes. We also benefit from the Elmers Transfer Tracks which we purchased for spaded and deep ripped country. The tracks made pulling big loads across the paddock much easier and they are a solid chaser bin that can handle some harsh terrain.”
Testimonial Sam Hasson
Sam Hasson
“We were running out of capacity and we decided to upgrade to keep up with the times. Some great features are the scales, so we know how much grain we are loading into grain bags, and the pivoting spout. The fast unloading has also been unbelievable, we can get the chaser back to the paddock and keep the headers running.”
Testimonial Tim Scott
Tim Scott
“We were looking for capacity and the 41T Elmer with the tandem axle has been great for us so far. The best features of this bin are the tandem axle, better load carry, the capacity and also the loadcells which are handy to calibrate headers on the go. The new Haulmaster Pro joystick which controls this bin is very good with the one control for the whole bin.”
Testimonial Steven Lord
Steven Lord

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