TruFlex Draper Heads


As global harvesting specialists since 1880, Geringhoff knows what it takes to create exceptional harvesting equipment, and the TruFlex range proves this point. Geringhoff’s line of draper heads harvest all cereals, canola, soybean and specialty crops like peas, lentils, lupine and more – adapting perfectly to the field conditions of the individual crops.

TruFlex Razor
This header perfectly contours to uneven surfaces.

There’s no such thing as a perfectly uniform or evenly contoured field. The TruFlex Razor is an all-round header featuring a three-piece frame and reel with a completely flexible cutter bar. The TruFlex Razor flexes where it counts so every contour of your field is easily traversed and cut razor-close. Available in 12.2m & 13.6m working widths.

This is an ideal header for regular crops in flat land.

Based on the TruFlex Razor design, the TruFlex header features a three-piece frame and reel,
however it has a rigid cutter bar and four height sensors. Available in 12.2m & 13.6m working widths.

Variable Integrated Air System
The innovative Variable Integrated Air System option significantly minimises losses that are incurred from
crops being scattered away from the draper belt.


How does it work?

The unique V-IAS is developed for particularly sensitive and short-stemmed crops to minimise losses that are incurred on the cutter bar. Controlled, uniform air flow is blown from slots right behind the knife towards the belt. By blowing air consistently, a large percentage of the seeds and pods that are at risk of escaping the reel are carried to the draper belt and fed to the threshing system, instead of dropping to the ground. The V-IAS offers an adjustable flow rate that is adapted to specific grain weights by varying the fan speed – a feature that eliminates any mechanical changeovers to adjust to different crops.


Fully integrated system

The unique air system forms an integral part of the cutter bar. Instead of using exterior tubes that are routed in front of the reel where they would engage with the crop, all air lines are integrated into the header.

The Cutting System

  • Smoother feeding and crop delivery
  • Reduced vibration across the entire head
  • Hydraulic pressure valve with SCH cutting system for lasting performance
  • 1,200 strokes per minute
Hydraulic centre knife drive

The TruFlex/TruFlex Razor feature a centre knife drive. Placing the knife drive in the centre of the draper
reduces the weight on the outside of the frame, improves responsiveness on the wings and reduces power consumption.

Flip-over reel

The lightweight flip-over reel is made from high quality aluminium. It has been designed for an unobstructed view of the middle of the head for perfect control and full visibility of the entire head.

TruFlex Razor flexible cutter bar

This is the first draper head to combine a truly flexible cutter bar with a flexible frame, and segmented reel allowing for perfect contouring to uneven surfaces.
The cutter bar remains nearly parallel to the reel segments to deliver uniform cutting and smooth crop flow across the entire head.

Crop Flow & Crop Feed System
Frame & Bodywork

The TruFlex headers are designed to be lightweight but sturdy. Hydraulically controlled depth wheels allow for optimum ground hugging for harvesting in almost any terrain.
Side wings are lighter for quicker adjustment and better ground following. Combined with narrow side panels means no crop pushing and minimised losses at the edges of the header.

Belts to Maximise Productivity

The TruFlex Razor uses lightweight and robust belts instead of heavy augers. The belts feed the crop in a very consistent flow into the combine for better machine utilisation, productivity and efficiency.

  • Operators can adjust the belt speed in-cab to optimise crop flow
  • No peak loads in the crop feed system
  • More consistent crop feed boosts machine utilisation

Brochure & Specifications

Draper Heads Specifications - uploaded August 16, 2021

Draper Heads Brochure - uploaded August 16, 2021

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