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Cultivation & Tillage Equipment


Grégoire Besson is a brand of the GB Group, established in 1802 in Montigné, France, and manufacturer of premium soil preparation equipment. 

Combining simplicity and durability, with exclusive features and technology, Grégoire Besson cultivation machinery is known for its reliability, versatility, and high level of performance.  

Durable | Versatile | High Performing

Grégoire Besson Equipment Range

Proudly Distributed by Waringa

The Grégoire Besson range includes ploughing, stubble cultivation, soil restructuring, and seed bed preparation equipment with a variety of configurable options.

Semi-Mounted Plough

Voyager Range

The Voyager Semi-Mounted Plough is suitable for larger paddocks and and sloped land, with precise ploughing over a variety of working widths, for high performance in all soil types. 

Speed Tiller

Normandie Range

The Normandie Speed Tiller is a versatile machine for fast stubble cultivation that evenly distributes crop residues and organic matter in the surface layer and aerates the soil.

Disc Harrow

explor Range

The Explor Disc Harrow is specifically designed for clearing rhizome crops. The Explor can also be used for deep ploughing in heavy or very dry soils.

One-Pass Finisher

Discordon Range

The Discordon One-Pass Finisher is an efficient yet simple machine which removes stubble, decompacts, mulches, and reconsolidates all in a single pass.


Helios Duo Range

The Helios Duo offers a soil restructuring solution that loosens the soil without disturbing the soil horizon and mixing the soil layers.

Learn More About the Grégoire Besson Range

Waringa Distribution is excited to bring the renowned Grégoire Besson Brand to Australian Farmers, announcing an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia in June 2022.

The range will be available in 2023. More information will be available soon. Please contact us for product enquiries.

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