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Discordon One-Pass Finisher

With the Grégoire Besson Discordon One-Pass Finisher, soil is stubble ploughed, mulched, decompacted and reconsolidated in a single pass. The Discordon leaves a ventilated, irrigated, and drained soil structure, and the combination of tines and discs allows for shallow or deep work. 

24-56 discs | 2.9m to 7.2m working widths

Key Features
Remove Stubble, Decompact, Mulch & Reconsolidate in One Single Pass

The tines can work at the same depth as the discs, or deeper, for maximum destruction of residues and versatility in all conditions.


Robust Two-Level Chassis

Fitted on a parallelogram setup, the tine frame and the disc frame are independent of each other. This enables the Discordon to be precisely adjusted to the soil structure with the working depth of the discs and tines adjusted separately. 

Additionally, two elastomer discs on the drawbar ends cushion vibration and provide flexibility between the chassis and the tractor hitch.


Prevent Damage to the Machine

The non-stop hydraulic safety system for rocky soils prevents damage to the machine, with adjustable tip resistance by varying the hydraulic safety circuit pressure.

Alternatively, the Discordon has a bolted safety system whereby the bolt shears cleanly when an object is encountered, and can be easily removed.

Learn More About the Grégoire Besson Range

Waringa Distribution is excited to bring the renowned Grégoire Besson Brand to Australian Farmers, announcing an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia in June 2022.

The range will be available in 2023. More information will be available soon. Please contact us for product enquiries.

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