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Helios Duo
Mounted Sub-Soiler

The Helios Duo provides soil restructuring that eliminates the results of extreme climate conditions and ground compaction, and loosens the soil without disturbing the soil horizon. 

The machine opens up the sub-soil, enabling roots to find an optimal exploration area without mixing the soil layers, keeping organic matter and residues on the surface to support the soil.

4-12 points | 3m to 7m working widths

Key Features
Soil Loosening Without Disturbance to the Horizon

Equipped with Michel Tines

The Michel tine on the Helios Duo is designed to crack the soil without disturbing the surface to create a vague effect on the surface layer.

This allows for more water and air infiltration into the soil to promote root development of the crop to be planted.


Wide Under Beam Clearance

The Helios Duo under beam clearance is 850mm to work at various depths without any clogging and ease the way through large volumes of plant residues.

The roller is coupled to the machine via a 3-point linkage is hydraulically adjustable to set the working depth, or can be uncoupled if necessary. 

Learn More About the Grégoire Besson Range

Waringa Distribution is excited to bring the renowned Grégoire Besson Brand to Australian Farmers, announcing an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia in June 2022.

The range will be available in 2023. More information will be available soon. Please contact us for product enquiries.

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