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Normandie Speed Tiller

The Grégoire Besson Normandie Speed Tiller is a versatile machine for stubble cultivation that evenly distributes crop residues and organic matter in the surface layer and aerates the soil.

The combined action of the discs and rollers provide excellent soil structuring improving water infiltration and retention capacity, and erosion control.

20-96 discs | 4m to 12m working widths

Normandie Speed Tiller T80
Key Features
Fast Stubble Tillage & Soil Structuring

The Normandie has a large selection of disc sizes, and a variety of rollers and harrows for all soil conditions to provide self-seeding, and soil cover and preparation with minimal passes. 


Maintenance-free Elastomer Overload Protection

Exclusive to Grégoire Besson, elastomer packing cushions and absorbs shocks to the disc arms for a guaranteed long service life. 

The reinforced disc arms are permanently fixed with 6 bolts and uniquely shaped to avoid the accumulation of soil, and maintain rigidity even at higher speeds.


Perfect Angle for Attack, Entry & Contouring

All Normandie models have an angle of attack of 13.3 degrees, the result of a long series of testing. 

Entry is at 5.2 degrees, and combined with the curve of the disc, the entire working surface can be sliced even at very shallow depths.

Learn More About the Grégoire Besson Range

Waringa Distribution is excited to bring the renowned Grégoire Besson Brand to Australian Farmers, announcing an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia in June 2022.

The range will be available in 2023. More information will be available soon. Please contact us for product enquiries.

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