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Voyager Semi-Mounted Plough

The Grégoire Besson Voyager Semi-Mounted Plough is suitable for larger paddocks and sloped land, with precise ploughing from 15 to 40 cm deep over a variety of working widths, for high performance in all soil types.

The Voyager offers a wide range of mouldboards, skimmers, depth wheels, and supplementary equipment for maximum configurability.

5 to 14 bodies | 1.5m to 7.1m working widths

Voyager C80 Plough
Key Features
Increase Your Soil Productivity

Ploughing brings a multitude of benefits for increasing your soil productivity in a single pass.


Hardened Mouldboard Technology

The Voyager includes Grégoire Besson’s exclusive hardened mouldboard technology for superior strength and durability, as standard.

The case hardening, heat treatment process prolongs the life of the mouldboard for regular wear over the entire surface. It also results in less sticking and friction, lowering ploughing power improve fuel economy.


Safety Systems

The Voyager has different safety systems to allow foreign bodies to pass through and prevent damage to the plough or tractor. 

For rocky soils, a hydraulic auto-reset system allows for non-stop ploughing. When an object is hit, the ploughing element rises, passes the object, and then returns the element to its position using a safety cylinder.

Alternatively, the Voyager has a shear bolted safety system whereby the bolt shears cleanly when an object is encountered, and can be easily removed.

Learn More About the Grégoire Besson Range

Waringa Distribution is excited to bring the renowned Grégoire Besson Brand to Australian Farmers, announcing an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia in June 2022.

The range will be available in 2023. More information will be available soon. Please contact us for product enquiries.

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