Elmers’ HaulMaster performance exceeding expectation

Elmer’s Haul Master Chaser Bins are starting to gain momentum in the WA market according to John Warr of Waringa Agriculture Geraldton who distributes Haul Master across Australia. ‘The product is well suited to our environment and their performance has exceeded our expectations.’ John said.

What makes the Haul Master chaser bins a great product is that they are built by farmers for farmers. They know what’s required to maximize your time in the paddock and how to keep you going in tough conditions.

The Haul Master is a low profile high capacity chaser bin designed heavy duty to withstand the elements when you need it most. The low profile chassis frame provides excellent stability and there is plenty of clearance for combines with lower augers.

Elmer’s class leading, exclusive tracked undercarriage delivers smooth performance and lowers ground compaction.

‘One of the big reasons we went for the Haul Master was for the Elmers transfer track system.’ Kim Fleay Erregulla Plains said. ‘Tracks give us better flotation in the sand during to pull, and then we transfer them to our air-seeder carts for seeding. They are versatile, easier to pull and we are reducing soil compaction, which is a major issue in our part of the world.’

Thanks to balanced auger flights the Haul Master dual belt drive auger system provide fast and smooth unloading rates of 16 and 18 t/min. The horizontal auger can disengage separate to the unloading auger in the event of a blockage. An optional pivoting unloading auger adapts to any unloading scenario and the spout pivots to direct the flow of grain into the truck.

‘The best things we like about the Haul Master, are definitely the tracks and the smooth ride, the whole front-drive mechanism, the size of the auger and the scales. The whole package works really well for us in what we’re trying to do here at Spring Park Farms Mullewa.’ Said Rod Messina.

It’s often the little things that matter most and the Elmer’s design team continually take feedback from their customers to ensure the smallest details are not overlooked and won’t cause headaches when you’re busy in the paddock.

Large see through windows in both ends of the bin allow for grain inspection and better travel safety. The bolt together design eliminates seam failure and the wave distortion seen in welded product.

The Haul Master allows for quick paddock and grain transitions with its full length horizontal auger cleanout door.

‘I really like the clean-out system while we can clean out the whole chaser bin within probably 30 seconds’ Said Daniel Michael who is farming at Mingenew.

For more information on HaulMaster chaser bins or the current early order program offering some huge savings and expiring March 1 contact Waringa Agriculture 0899 607 164.



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