The Haulmaster Pro is the latest, top-of-the-range optional control system on the Haulmaster tandem range. Designed by Elmer’s, the Haulmaster Pro was developed to simplify the unloading experience and allow the operator to maximise their productivity and get back to the header quicker. It uses a combination of hydraulic block, high quality sensors, and Haulmaster Connect, together with a simple connection to the tractor, for more efficient unloading capabilities.

Joystick Controls

The Haulmaster Pro features a joystick for operating the chaser bin making it exceptionally user-friendly. The joystick works with 5-point loadcells and a Haulmaster Connect tablet to give the operator maximum control over the auger while still being able to utilise up to 18T/min unloading speed. From the joystick the operator can easily fold/unfold the auger with a quick double tap and operate the proportional 4-way spout and pivot.  During fold, the spout and pivot also return to home position for secure transport.

Haulmaster Pro Controls

Dandaragan, WA, farmer David Brown purchased the Elmer’s Haulmaster 41T tandem chaser bin last year and was impressed at how easily it has streamlined his farming operation. “The whole machine works off this joystick, it makes the job much easier”, David tells.  “Quick unloading, quick turnarounds, stable platform and surprisingly accurate”.

An auto unload function, where you simply enter the required unload weight, is another stand out feature within the Haulmaster Pro software. The gate will auto shut off once the weight limit is reached to eliminate any guesswork.

Haulmaster Connect

The Haulmaster Connect system, which is a core component of the Haulmaster Pro, is Elmer’s hub of electronic features including scales and GPS. It offers detailed load tracking based on crop type, paddock, truck, and bin, and has direct scale connection for more accurate loads. “The scale feature has been one of the most positive features of the bin, they are so accurate and gives up to date yield information”, David says. “You know exactly what you are doing all the time.” This has been tested extensively here in Australia last season. Waringa General Manager Sam Abbott was happy to report an extremely high accuracy rate that would meet road transport safe loading practices.

Haulmaster Connect Controls

When paired with the Pro, the Connect features are extended to include PTO speed, multiple auto gate settings and virtual joystick controls. The app can also be connected and used simultaneously on multiple devices, and all load data can be simply exported to csv. All settings and weights are also stored on the controller, so scales will continue to detect and store loads even when there is no phone or tablet connected.

The video below from Elmer’s shows the Haulmaster Pro & Connect systems in action.