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Haulmaster Chaser Bins

Maximise Your Unloading Efficiency

The Elmer’s Manufacturing Haulmaster is a high-capacity, heavy-duty chaser bin with industry exclusive features and technology aimed at maximising operator unloading efficiency and increasing productivity.

The Haulmaster range is available in 30T and 36T single axle, 30T, 36T and 41T tandem axle, and 46T, 55T and 63T on fixed tracks. 

The Haulmaster Range

The Elmer’s Haulmaster is a high-capacity, heavy-duty chaser bin available in single axle, tandem axle and fixed track models ranging from 30T through to 63T capacities, with industry exclusive features and technology aimed at maximising operator unloading efficiency and increasing productivity.

Elmers Haulmaster 36T Single Axle

Single Axle

Available in 30T & 36T and have the option to include Elmer’s Transfer TracksTransfer Tracks have less soil compaction than floatation tyres, increasing fuel efficiency, and can be transferred between compatible equipment.

Elmers 41T Haulmaster Tandem Axle

Tandem Axle

Available in 30T, 36T & 41T with four-wheel steering for maximum manoeuvrability and minimal soil disturbance. The tandem has a 2.5m2 of ground contact, maximising floatation and resulting in lower soil compaction.
Haulmaster 63T

Fixed Tracks

Available in 46T, 55T & 63T with Elmer’s exclusively designed tracked undercarriage built specifically for the highest capacities and toughest conditions. Tracks are also low maintenance and are tensioned hydraulically for better tracking.

Download the product brochure for detailed specifications.

Why Haulmaster?

Elmers Haulmaster 41TThe Haulmaster unloading speed exceeds any other chaser bin on the market. It features an unloading auger that can empty up to 18T per minute.

Elmer’s Powermaster direct drive gearbox further increases the auger output capacity for any given tractor power, to provide even more efficient unloading.

The full-length horizontal auger clean out allows for quick grain transition, and makes cleaning out the chaser bin simpler and faster. The horizontal auger can also disengage separate to the unloading auger in the event of a blockage.

Powermaster Gear BoxAll Haulmaster Chaser Bins include Elmer’s exclusive Powermaster custom designed direct drive gearbox. The Powermaster gearbox eliminates belts and drive chains to maximise grain flow efficiency and increase auger output capacity for more efficient unloading.

Elmers Modular DesignThe Haulmaster has bolt together, smooth wall, modular design which ensures maximum durability and prevents cracking and seam failures. 

Elmers Haulmaster Adjustable AugerAdjustable discharge auger and 4 way pivoting spout allows for easy loading of trucks and motherbins and accurate distribution of grains. 

There is also the option of left or right folding auger with a 30 degree pivot range.

Loadcells are compatible with Agrimatics Wireless display, Haulmaster Pro and Haulmaster Connect Systems. 

Elmer’s have developed their own exclusive tracked undercarriage.

Combat wet conditions and compaction with Elmer’s exclusive track design built specifically for the highest capacities and toughest conditions, and is low maintenance. Tracks are available standard on the 46T and 55T models while the 30T and 36T have an option to include Elmer’s Transfer Tracks.

  • Work and safety lighting
  • Spring loaded roll tarp system
  • Large see through windows for grain inspection and travel safety
  • Hydraulic flow control

Technologically Advanced Chaser Bins

The Elmer’s Haulmaster has the option to include the latest and exclusive in-cab technology aimed at maximising operator unloading efficiency and increasing productivity. There are 3 options available.

Elmers Haulmaster Pro Joystick

Haulmaster Pro System

The Haulmaster Pro is the exclusive, top-of-the-range optional control system, designed by Elmer’s. It uses a combination of hydraulic block, high quality sensors, and Haulmaster Connect, together with a simple connection to the tractor.

The Pro system features a joystick for operating the chaser bin making it exceptionally user-friendly. The joystick works with 5-point loadcells and a Haulmaster Connect tablet to give the operator maximum control over the auger.

  • Fold/unfold auger with double tap
  • Proportional 4 way spout control
  • Auto gate close for truck weight
  • Auto gate close at 4.8kmph
  • Auto spout return to centre on fold
  • Simple connection, uses 1 hydraulic remote and standard 7 pin plug
  • Includes Haulmaster Connect System

Haulmaster Connect

The Haulmaster Connect system, which is a core component of the Haulmaster Pro, is Elmer’s hub of electronic features including scales and GPS. The Haulmaster Connect system offers in-depth load tracking based on crop type, paddock, truck, and bin, and has direct scale connection for more accurate loads.

When paired with the Pro, the Connect features are extended to include:

  • PTO speed
  • Multiple auto gate settings and virtual joystick controls
  • App can be used simultaneously on multiple devices, and all load data can be simply exported to csv
  • All settings and weights are stored on the controller
Haulmaster Connect Tablet

Agrimatics Libra

The Libra device and smart phone app work together to create a full-featured chaser bin weighing and data management system. Libra technology automatically detects how much grain has been harvested, and allows users to view the chaser bin data on their portable devices.

  • Accessible for truck or harvester operators through Bluetooth
  • Easy install and setup
  • Unloading is simple and accurate
  • Data can be shared via email and standard spreadsheets
  • Optional Aero Cloud keeps data safe and secure
  • Weather proof and energy efficient

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