The Elmer’s range of harvesting equipment is built by farmers for farmers. Elmer’s own and operate their own farm, so their engineers understand what farmers need.

Founded in Canada, starting as a small farming business in 1978, Elmer’s Manufacturing have grown to an extensive and diversified group of equipment lines for any size farming operation. The product line includes the high capacity Haulmaster Chaser Bin and Transfer Tracks distributed by Waringa since 2017.

Why Haulmaster?

The Elmer’s Haulmaster range is available in 30T and 36T single axle, 30T, 36T and 41T tandem axle, and up to 60T on tracks. The low-profile chassis frame provides excellent stability and there is plenty of clearance for headers with lower augers.

Key features

  • Flexible bolt together modular design to ensure maximum durability & prevent cracking & seam failures. This also allows for easy repairs to damaged panels and auger.
  • Unloading auger that can empty up to 18T per minute. The Haulmaster also includes a full-length horizontal auger to make cleaning out fast & efficient. The horizontal auger can disengage separate to the unloading auger in the event of a blockage.
  • Pivoting auger & spout to allow for easy & precise unloading of trucks or mother bins. The auger is also available in left or right folding.
  • PTO driven with a belt drive giving a smooth & quiet unloading auger, quick clean out with over centre, full-length drop down clean out door.
  • Loadcells are compatible with Haulmaster Pro, Haulmaster Connect and the Agrimatics wireless display system.

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