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highline bale processing equipment

Bale Pro Series Bale Processors

The Bale Pro Series Bale Processors from Highline allows you to efficiently process round and square bales. With 5 options to choose from there’s one that is the best fit for your cattle operation. The Bale Pro modular system allows you to expand your Bale Pro as your operation evolves.

Highline Bale Processor Product Range

Test It
Efficiency in feeding begins with analysis of the ingredients. From year to year forages can vary in maturity when cut and result is different nutrient levels. Testing your feed is critical to knowing what you have and setting your rations accordingly.
Chop It
The Highline Feed Chopper attachment. Long forages are a combination of stem and leaf which cattle or sheep will selectively sort unless it is chopped. Chopping reduces cut length and blends materials and encourages total plant consumption thereby reducing waste.
Add It
Highline® offers an option to assist producers in metering grain into forage rations. Grain insertion into the processing chamber prevents selective consumption of grain over other diet ingredients and ensures even distribution through the windrow.
Blend It
Our list of labour saving Bale Pro® models includes the CFR 1251 which can blend two different types of forage and grain in one pass. This unique technology is a method to lower the cost of production while meeting all nutrient requirements for the animal.
  • Effectively Mix Forages in Less Time Than a TMR Mixer 
  • Process Square or Round Bales – Adds Flexibility When Using Multiple Forage Suppliers 
  • Dual Feed Roller Processor Requires Minimal Maintenance 
  • Chain & Slat Processor Offers Ease of Use 
  • Delivers Effective Bedding and Coverage Solutions for Agriculture and Construction
Highline CFR1251

The Bale Pro Modular System

The Bale Pro modular system adds flexibility to your Bale Pro system allowing you to add components as your operation requirements shift.

Highline Bale Pros aggressively spin and loosen the bale for uniform feeding into the flail processing chamber, allowing for range or bunk feeding.

The Highline Feed Chopper is a secondary processing option that allows you to produce a consistent, shorter cut length; the shorter cut length creates a more consistent feed output and gets rid of long stems.

The NEW hydraulically driven Grain Tank boasts a 1,587L tank. The grain is inserted, rather than dropped onto the forage resulting in an evenly mixed feed ration.

  • Reduces the labour requirements to provide proper nutrition. This provides the greatest benefits at calving season—no chop pails or rolled grain wagons, no necessity for 2 operators and 2 tractors.
  • Eliminates the cost to own or rent a tub grinder.
  • Eliminates waste from spoilage of batch processing.
  • Ability to run bedding through the Feed Chopper increases absorption in various indoor applications.
Highline Bale Pro Modular System

The Base Bale Pro

CFR660 / CFR661 / CFR663 TOPGUN /CFR965 / CFR1251

Highline’s Bale Pros Bale Processors chop and mix round or square bales (model dependent), reducing sorting and waste.

In order to create a narrow profile for passing through gates and barn doors the hydraulically actuated discharge door conveniently folds up into a compact position. The hydraulically operated discharge door “contains” the outputted material in a high, uniform mound. This high mound reduces the amount of sorting the cattle will do, and also deters excess walking and wasting of valuable energy.

Highline Bale Pro Discharge Door

The durable, 6 X 4 A-Frame design and continuous tube structure of all Bale Pros handles heavy loads. The continuous frame member eliminates weld stress points when operating in harsh environments.

Bale twine or netwrap can be cut and removed with minimal effort with the Twine Cutter.

The Bale Pro allows you to do double-duty; process one bale while carrying another on the forks. This saves time by allowing for continued operation before having to load again. Loading bales is a simple one person operation from the comfort of the tractor cab.

Create an even and lofty spread using a Highline Bale Pro. Quality bedding is produced while using up to 50% less straw saving on input costs.

The 2 stage vertical lift reduces the bale being lifted from “scrubbing” on the bales in the bale stack, as well as eliminates the need to clutch the tractor between bales.

The vertical bale lift is a 2 stage lift system where the first stage of the process lifts the bale straight off of the ground. Little space is required to accommodate this design. The competitors lack the 2 stage system. On competitors’ systems, the bale rotation into the tub is started immediately resulting in limited force, as well as the need to pull ahead when loading a bale from a stack.

HighlineBase Bale Pro Stage 1 HighlineBase Bale Pro Stage 2

The Feed Chopper™

CFR660 / CFR661  /CFR965 / CFR1251

The Feed Chopper, exclusively from Highline, is a secondary processing option to create shorter cut lengths. Rather than stationary knives that pulverize or drag leaves off of stems, the Highline Feed Chopper truly slices through the hay creating an optimal consistency. The Feed Chopper is a great alternative to tub grinders. The Feed Chopper can be added as an installed option to the BP 660, BP 661 and BP 965 Bale Pros Bale Processors.

The Bale Pro modular system allows you to expand your Bale Pro as your operation evolves.

Cattle have preferences in what they eat. For example, longer coarse feed and low quality hay may have adequate nutritional value, but are not eaten, creating feed waste. By chopping low quality hay, intake of feed is increased, cattle will clean up the windrow or feed bunks.

Cattle have preferences in what they eat. For example, longer coarse feed and low quality hay may have adequate nutritional value, but are not eaten, creating feed waste. By chopping low quality hay, intake of feed is increased, cattle will clean up the windrow or feed bunks.

Chopping reduces particle size of the whole plant improving intake of the stem portion. This is the part cows and sheep sort against. The efficiency of forage utilisation improves, reducing the amount of forages for winter feeding the herd.

The Feed Chopper is digitally balanced for optimum performance and a long life:

  1. Feed Chopper Blades – The Feed Chopper is designed with 128 blades spinning at 3,000 rpm to provide a uniform blend of shorter cut lengths of roughage. The blades are sharpened on both sides; once a blade is worn out or damaged simply flip the blade over for a sharpened edge.
  2. Adjust Your Throw Profile – If your needs change, your throw profile can easily be adjusted by simply removing the 2 hair pins on either side of the Feed Chopper and adjusting the angle of the deflector pan.
  3. Additional Benefits – Finished feeding and need to bed? The Feed Chopper can be easily disengaged for bedding purposes. 

The Grain Tank

CFR660 / CFR661 

The Grain Tank is a variable speed hydraulic drive feed system that allows for even and consistent flow. Unique to bale processing, the Highline metering system ensures uniform mixes each and every time…regardless of feed conditions! Even distribution of grain or pellets within the hay is critical to ensure a good combined feed mix.

Because cattle prefer grain to hay, they will sort out the grain and leave the hay if possible. The hydraulic drive feed system inserts the grain directly into the hay stream (as opposed to placing it on top) ensuring an optimal mix.

Controlling Rations 
It is vital to ensure that the amount of grain added into a ration is controlled. The amount of grain components in the ration needs to match up with the rumen’s ability to utilise the grains. Increasing the grain components too quickly can result in acidosis and the animals going off feed. The Highline hydraulic drive feed system precisely distributes the grain or pellets into the hay or straw windrow. The hydraulic drive feed system now allows for stationary processing with precise grain addition – perfect for pre-processing for wagon or mixer feeding!

Easily view current grain levels through multiple gauge windows and confirm with the weight estimate on the display.

Large, 1,587L tank with remote opener and a flip-down ladder to easily access the large 0.61 x 1.83m tank opening.

Hydraulically driven metering can be instantly adjusted from the cab – no more distance meter or changing sprockets.

No more complex auger driveline. Ground speed is determined from a speed sensor on the axle.

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