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highline bp661 bale processor

The BP 661 Bale Pro® Bale Processor is also a great option for cattle operations looking for a durable, well-engineered bale processor. An alternative to the BP 660 Bale Pro, the 661 Bale Pro has a slat and chain processing chamber with an offset flail drum. Expand your BP 661 by adding a Feed Chopper and Grain Tank.

The Slat & Chain Processing Chamber

The Highline flails efficiently ”bite” into the bale for uniform feed processing. The flails are optimally sized to grab the bale. 

The new stepped shaft design is machined from a single length of material vastly improving strength and durability of the drum. 

The flails are designed in a spiral formation. This spiral formation ensures that the bale is continuously pulled and processed resulting in consistent feed. Also, the flail drum is digitally balanced for smooth performance and long bearing life.

Highline BP660 Flail Drum
Guard Rods

Guard rods are designed for uniform processing from beginning to end.

Adjustable Agression

Bales can be processed more or less aggressively depending on your needs. Processing can be set in a range of 1-5, with 1 being the slowest and 5 being the fastest processing rate. Flails engage the bale from 1/8″ up to 1 1/2” for faster processing.

Slat & Chain Feeder

The Highline Slat & Chain feed system is designed utilising durable 2080H chain with no central bearing on the feeder chain rollers.

Product Features

Standard Features

Adjust to a wide stance in uneven terrain for additional support, or adjust to a narrow stance for passing through gates and narrow barn doors.

Each Bale Pro model is designed with appropriately sized hi-flotation tyres allowing for easy manoeuvrability through challenging terrain.

The Axle Twine Guard eliminates the nuisance of twine getting tightly wrapped around the wheel axle.

Lift bales from the smallest silage up to 1.8 m. Lift from the row and load them into the Bale Pro. A fork length of 1.71 m to accommodate modern size bales.

Self cleaning when lifted and the door is extendable up to .38 m for adjusting windrow drop position. Hinged end curtain for better windrowing.

Keep hoses protected and out of the mud! Quickly hook up to the tractor with the hoses now located conveniently beside the tractor remotes. The hose holder locks out of the way during backing up or for shipping.

Reduces pressure spikes increasing the motor life and durability.

Optional Features

Additional lighting for night operation, with added illumination of processing chamber and behind unit.

Feed Chopper kit, more information available here.

661 bale processor grain tank, more information available here.

3 point (1 hitch tongue, 2 axles) weight system with in-cab display.

Chain speed control mounted on bale processor with two pairs or three pairs of hydraulics (for tractor remotes w/o flow control).

*Download the product brochure for more product features and to view product specifications.

Highline BP661 Bale Processor

Check out the product video below for more information on the BP660 Bale Processor.

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