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Highline BP965 Bale Processor

Round or Square Bales

Ideal for feeding and bedding – the BP 965 Bale Pro® Bale Processor offers all of the proven design features found on the Highline Bale Pro series with the added flexibility to process round or square bales as desired…as well as other beneficial design features like a 2.74m flail drum which increases processing rate.

Process Round or Square Bales!

Adjustable forks for round or square bales
The low profile fork cradles easily slide under the square bale allowing a single bale to be loaded without backing while the high outer edges account for misalignment by funnelling the bale in between the two forks.

Loading rounds from a tight row? Simply pull a pin on each fork to collapse the extensions, allowing you to load without contacting the bale behind.

Extreme Lifting Power
With the highest breakout force in the industry, the Highline Vertical Lift design allows you to lift even the most stubborn bales from the ground with ease. Also, because the bale is lifted straight up off of the ground, the scrubbing action against the bale stack is minimised, reducing bale damage and waste.

Highline BP965 in Action

Efficient Lengthwise Processing of Square Bales

One of the challenges of processing square bales is maintaining both a high loading efficiency AND high processing efficiency. The BP 965 Bale Pro® capable of processing a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.7m bale in minutes! The Twine Sickle™ Bale Prepping System on the BP 965 helps with this efficiency.* For optimal processing, Highline addressed this issue by developing a system that turns the square bale so that it rests lengthwise in the tub (in alignment with the flail drum).

How it Works

*Bale processing times are contingent on bale type, aggression setting and tractor horsepower.
**Forages may react differently when the twine pressure is removed.

Highline BP965 Cut Through Twine

Easily Saw Through Twine

The Twine Sickle™ – The Bale Prepping System uses the weight of the square bale to effectively saw the twine prior to processing.

As the square bale is lifted, it slides down onto the cutting bar where its weight engages the teeth. A hydraulic cylinder is actuated from the cab which slides the Twine Sickle™ sections through the end of the bale and cuts the twine, prior to dumping the bale in the processing chamber. The cutting of the twine prior to loading the bale in the tub results in faster processing.

Product Features

Standard Features

Adjust to a wide stance in uneven terrain for additional support, or adjust to a narrow stance for passing through gates and narrow barn doors.

Each Bale Pro model is designed with appropriately sized hi-flotation tyres allowing for easy manoeuvrability through challenging terrain.

The Axle Twine Guard eliminates the nuisance of twine getting tightly wrapped around the wheel axle.

Adjustable length fork design for round or square bales.

Self cleaning when lifted and the door is extendable up to .38 m for adjusting windrow drop position. Hinged end curtain for better windrowing.

Keep hoses protected and out of the mud! Quickly hook up to the tractor with the hoses now located conveniently beside the tractor remotes. The hose holder locks out of the way during backing up or for shipping.

Reduces pressure spikes increasing the motor life and durability.

Optional Features

Additional lighting for night operation, with added illumination of processing chamber and behind unit.

Feed Chopper kit, more information available here.

965 bale processor grain tank, more information available here.

3 point (1 hitch tongue, 2 axles) weight system with in-cab display.

965 bale processor in-cab flail drum aggression adjustment.

*Download the product brochure for more product features and to view product specifications.

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