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Highline rr4300 rock rake

Rock Pickers & Rock Rakes

Highline are the industry leaders in rock removal with the NT78/NT60 Rock Pickers designed to be extremely durable and features a high-lift design of up to 2m so rocks can be unloaded directly into a trailer. Combined with the RR4300 Rock Rake, rock removal is even simpler as rocks can be raked into narrow rows prior to picking.

Clear Rocks Simply!

The RR4300 Rock Rake makes fast work of moving rocks into a narrow row that can then be picked with the Highline NT78/60 Rock Picker. The stand-alone unit can keep moving while the rock picker is stopped to unload, resulting in more rock removed from a larger area in less time. It’s the perfect partner to the NT78/60 Rock Picker.

The Rotor - Heart of the Rock Rake

Highline Rock Rake Rotor

The RR4300 rock rake has an adjustable raking angle of 10 degrees to 30 degrees with up and down positioning for efficiency and convenience. The teeth of the rock rake have a hard surfaced face as well as being designed to be reversible and replaceable.

Transport & Work Mode

Hydraulically switch between transport and work mode with ease!

Highline Rock Rake Transport position


Highline Rock Rake Unfolding from Transport

Unfolding from Transport

Highline Rock Rake Working Position

Working Position

Product Specifications

RR4300 Rock Rake
Raking width (m)
4.1 (at 20 degrees working position)
Rotor length (m)
Rake Angle
10 degrees minimum / 30 degrees maximum
Maximum rotor rpm
Transport width (m)
Working width (m)
5.0 (at 20 degrees)
Height (m)
Weight (kg)
Tyre size
Minimum / maximum kW
49 / 56

*For full product specification please product brochure.

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