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The RCH Hydro Mower reduces maintenance requirements resulting in minimal downtime. Hydraulic relief valves replace clutches that are prone to seizing, while protecting the blades and pans from shock loads. With conventional mowers, greasing is a tedious, laborious task. With the RCH Hydro, greasing of a single driveline is all that it takes to be up and running!

The Hydraulic Drive Advantage – The hydraulic drive advantage translates into less time doing maintenance and more time operating! This is because the hydraulic drive system eliminates a number of moving parts including slip clutches which can wear over time reducing overall performance. The hydraulic drive system reduces the number of PTO assemblies which means less time greasing. Also, when a mower blade hits an obstacle, the hydraulic pressure is relieved, reducing force being applied on the blade and potential damage.

Extreme Manoeuvrability – No need to steer the tractor around stop signs or obstacles — just use the hydraulic controls to manoeuvre the mower. Large front tires assist in ground contouring and provide excellent flotation.

Large Underside – A depth of 11″ from the underside of the deck to the blade allows for a larger volume of material to be mulched, resulting in a better cut. The deck protection rings protect the underdecks from damage due to the rotary blade, flying rocks, or debris.



With all hydraulic functions on one control, the Operator can easily operate the RCH Hydro Mower with minimum effort. Operators are raving about the ease of use the joystick provides. Following are some of their comments: “Your low-effort joysticks provide instant control response with minimum movement.” “Should not even be an option, I would never run without a joystick ever again!” The joystick controls the deck lift, independent wing lift, hitch swing, gradient steering all the while reducing operator fatigue.

An industry exclusive feature of a Highline® mower is the integrated Radial Contouring Hitch (RCH). The RCH is designed to keep the tractor on the road and the Operator safe while achieving a quality cut.

Versatility – Mow on Both Sides of the Road Without Switching Configurations Mow to the left or the right, or behind on flat areas. The mower can ReaCH either side without requiring
a configuration change. The mower can be easily manipulated for backing up and turning around in tight

Independent Wing Lift – Mow in areas that are restricted for space by lifting each wing independently. The ability to lift the wings and turn off the deck motors independently is exclusive to a hydraulic mower.

Save Time and Increase Productivity – Greasing and maintenance have always been time consuming and cumbersome tasks. Care and greasing on traditional, mechanically-driven ditch mowers can take from 30 minutes up to an hour of preparation time every day! With the RCH Hydro Mower greasing and maintenance takes approximately 10 minutes. In a mowing season of 100 days this translates into an extra 100 miles of mowing!

Gradient Steering –  The gradient steering, available on the RCH Hydro Mower, helps to eliminate skewing on steep side slopes. The skew is lessened as the front wheels help to hold the mower from skidding down the ditch.

High Capacity Cooling Unit – The high capacity, 24 hp cooling unit efficiently cools the oil. A reversible electric cooling fan keeps the radiator clean by blowing out debris.

The Hitch’s Low Pull Point –  Minimal downward force improves flotation.

Walking Axle – Experience a smoother ride and better contouring with the walking axle on the wings.

Replaceable Skid Plates – Made from durable abrasion resistant steel. Skid Plates can be installed on either side of the machine, which is an advantage as it tends to have greater wear on the outside than the inside.

Replaceable Caster Shaft and Spindles – Accidents happen! Highline caster shafts are designed to be replaced simply and easily. Instead of having to replace the entire caster wheel assembly, individual component shaft parts are available and can be easily changed out.

2:1 Speed Increaser – The RCH mower is equipped with a 2:1 Speed Increaser. This is valuable as it allows for higher speeds with a more compact pump. Competitors’ hydraulic pump designs are much larger and attach directly to the tractor making initial setup awkward.

The Large Tool Kit – Conveniently stores extra blades and tools for easy access when maintenance is required.

A low, 650 lb of weight on the jack.


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