Jason Pymer is the Manager of Girvan Lea Farm located in Wonwondah, 20kms south of Horsham in Victoria. He currently manages the farm with his parents Kevin and Judy, wife Sally, and his two sons Joel and Lochie. The farm has been family-operated for a few generations now. The Pymer family has a mixed cropping, hay and sheep program at their 2,400-hectare property.

Jason says that although they had a slow start to the 2021 cropping season, they are finishing off strong with very healthy prices at the moment. Jason said harvest was one of his favourite times of the year, “Harvest is great as you see the results of your labour, cropping is great as the enjoyment of a new season begins and shearing and sale time for the livestock shows the rewards of the hard work.”

Spreading has been a part of Girvan Lea Farm’s cropping enterprise for a while, having had a gypsum program in place for quite some time. However, with the growing importance of lime and nitrogen application, the need for a new spreader arose.

“We used to run a linkage spreader, use a contractor for pasture spreading and hire a trailing machine for gypsum, now we have a machine (AS2120) that does the lot. The ability to spread a full range of products from fertiliser to bulk to bait means we have one machine and used to require 3 different machines!”

Jason purchased his Agri-Spread AS2120 through O’Connors Horsham last season. He is particularly impressed with the spreader’s efficiency with multi-product capability, the ease of setup, the stainless-steel components, and the accuracy in both the rate and spread pattern.

“The Agri-Spread AS2120 is well-built and easy to operate, and the accuracy is amazing! Right from the first paddock the rate was perfect and spread pattern spot on” Jason says. “The cushion blocks on the drawbar make it a very smooth machine to use which is better for the operator and the tractor.”

When asked if he would recommend the Agri-Spread 2120 to another farmer he replied “Definitely would recommend. The machine does everything it is advertised to do with the support from O’Connors and Waringa outstanding right from the start up.”