Agri-Spread AS2120

Nick and John Redden are farmers in Narromine, New South Wales. The brothers have been farming wheat, canola, and cotton on their 2,500-hectare property since 1992.

Nick said this harvest is shaping up to be a generally good season.

The Redden brothers have had spreading as part of their operations since 1999. They purchased their Agri-Spread AS2120 to accommodate their growing farm, and to improve their overall productivity and time management in their spreading program. Nick stated that “the technology has changed greatly, with the spreader providing more consistent spread, accurate scales and better clearance.”

Nick says the Agri-Spread’s payload scales and spread width are some of the key features that he particularly enjoys on the AS2120. The AS2120 is certified to spread urea up to 40m and lime to 15m with the highest level of accuracy. “The spread width has allowed us to be more time efficient with greater accuracy.”

Nick added that the start-up and follow-up service and support has certainly enhanced his product experience and he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Agri-Spread to another farmer, “Between Waringa and the dealership all questions have been answered and the support is sensational.”

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