Agri-Spread 2120SC

Peter, Rhys and Gerry Schirmer are fourth generation farmers in Freeling, South Australia. The Schirmer family have been farming wheat, barley, lentils, canola, and beans on their 800-hectare property for over 150 years.

Peter said his favourite time of the year is harvest, “Harvest is my favourite time of the year, seeing the results and quality of the year’s hard effort.” He is very optimistic about this season, and it is looking to be above average yields for the farm. He hopes another “decent drink locally” should make the 2021 harvest very promising.

Spreading became a part of Peter’s program 20 years ago when urea became an essential process in boosting potential crop yield. He purchased a linkage spreader about 5 years ago to assist in placement accuracy, however with the need to spread lime and gypsum, they needed equipment that could do everything. “Spreading various products was a key component in creating more healthy soils.”

Peter, Rhys and Gerry recently purchased the latest Agri-Spread AS2120SC and they have already reaped the benefits. “Our old linkage spreader used to take 17 fills to cover our land and was typically a 2-person job. With Agri-Spread it is now 3.5-4 fills and a single person operation to fill and spread.” The Schirmer’s run a 2-person enterprise, so the Agri-Spread AS2120SC vastly improved their daily productivity. “We saw a unit in a local dealership, and we were impressed with the build quality. After doing my research I concluded it would significantly help improve our productivity.”

The Schirmer’s Agri-Spread AS2120SC is also equipped with sectional control (SC) which uses two independent, hydraulically controlled conveyors via GPS, to feed material onto independently controlled hydraulic spinners. Peter states that he bought the SC option as “no paddocks are ever perfectly square, and it caters for product loss on headlands and general overlap. It is incredibly accurate.”

When asked if he would recommend the Agri-Spread to another farmer he replied “Absolutely, with the increase in spread in a day and the overall product support from the dealership and Waringa we would recommend it always.”

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