Waringa Aviation

Waringa Aviation is an aerial application business servicing the Midwest and Northern agricultural regions of Western Australia. Waringa Aviation provide aerial spraying, spreading, seeding, baiting and granular herbicide application.

Waringa aims to provide a professional, accurate and cost effective solution to growers while providing a safe and efficient work environment for our staff members.  We want to build and promote a safe and professional perception of the Aerial Application industry by providing an safe, accurate, efficient and exceptional service

Our aircraft allow for product to be applied quickly over a greater area and in paddocks where it is impossible to get on with ground equipment.

We operate two Thrush aircrafts both with proved technology including GPS Based guidance system that controls both constant and variable rate liquid spraying system. A rotating boom assembly with CP Products flat fan nozzles allows us to vary droplet size in flight and give a positive and controllable droplet spectrum suited to the product being applied.  This ensures the most effective application whilst mitigating drift in sensitive areas. Proof of application is available on all jobs.  Our Pilots and ground staff are highly trained with a great deal of mixing, loading and application experience.

Advantages of using an Aircraft over Ground Equipment

  • An aircraft is a tool in your farming toolbox that can be used in the right situation at the right time 
  • Timeliness of application – job can be completed quickly before bugs or diseases take hold. 
  • Fast application means we can work within a window of optimal spraying conditions reducing the risk of drift from changing winds and temperatures throughout the day  
  • No wheel tracks or crop damage/yield loss at later growth stages 
  • No soil compaction and disease transfer issues 
  • Disturbance of the air from the wake of the aircraft gives extremely thorough penetration of fungicide and insecticide below the crop canopy 
  • The more advanced the crop and the wetter the ground the greater the damage from  ground equipment. Damage is multiplied when crops are further advanced, as in addition to the wheel tracks, the implement chassis also injures the plant. Damage will be greatest as tyre width increases and boom width decreases.   Crops often visually appear to recover from being run over but often these areas are behind the rest of the paddock and grain yield is less in these areas.
  • One phone call can provide you with a competent and experienced contracting team while you or your own staff can get on with other tasks 

Keep in mind that if you are experiencing disease or insect pressure, your neighbours probably are as well, so being organised is a real benefit 

It is important to us that you understand that we are here to provide a good and reliable as well as regular service. We operate conservatively, aiming to strike a good balance between economic gain and cost to clients.  The best outcome for us is a desirable result for the client and a return phone call next year. 


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